12 ways to reuse empty toilet paper rolls around the house

SHARE this with your friends and family. Toilet paper rolls seem pretty useless once they got no more toilet paper left on them and they usually end up in the garbage. But what if you start reusing these toilet paper rolls in your DIY projects instead of throwing them out? As it turns out, the rolls are more useful than they might seem at a first glance and here’s a selection of clever ways in which you can reuse them. For instance, you can cut the toilet paper rolls, paint them and make a beautiful decorative mirror for your wall by creating a flower shape out of these rolls around a mirror. Or you can always recycle toilet paper rolls and make a storage unit out of them for your child’s toys. But if you like gardening then you might be surprised to find out that toilet paper rolls can also be used to build seed starters as the cardboard will slowly decompose over time. These are only a few of the clever list of tips you can find. What do you think? Would you ever consider toilet paper roll art?

1.Decorative mirror made with toilet paper rolls

full step-by-step tutorial here…

2.Create storage container for toy cars

3. DIY Animal Craft Ideas With Toilet Paper Rolls

more details here…

4. DIY Project: Toilet Paper Roll Wall Art

more details here…

5. DIY Toilet Roll Seed-Starter

more details here…

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