12 Underrated Prepping Items

There are certain items that can be incredibly useful in a survival scenario, yet they don’t usually make it onto people’s survival shopping lists. A great example is aluminum foil. It can be used to grow plants, catch fish, start a fire, cook food, collect rainwater, signal for help, and many other things.

It makes you wonder: What are some other useful prepping items I’ve overlooked? No matter how long you’ve been a prepper, there are bound to be at least a couple of them. That is the topic of this video by Rogue Preparedness. In it, she talks about 12 items she believes are very underrated in the prepper community.

Here is her list:

  1. Silcock Key
  2. Sewing Kit
  3. Cooking Oil
  4. Socks and Shoes
  5. Security Items
  6. Freezer Bags
  7. Knowledge
  8. Notepad and Pen
  9. Hygiene Items
  10. Entertainment Items
  11. Extra Glasses
  12. Sunscreen & Bug Spray

Watch the video below to hear her discuss these items and why she thinks they’re so important.


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