12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

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In need of some food storage ideas for your small home? If you feel like you don’t have the much-needed space, don’t fret, this list will help! Here’s how you can store all the food you need (and more) in your close quarters.

12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

I can still remember the time when we didn’t have our farm. My husband and I were just starting out, and boy was our home small. I was trying to be self-sufficient and had almost given up with our food storage condition since there just doesn’t ever seem to be enough space. Luckily, we were able to get by, and since then space has never been an issue.

Whether your home is small by choice (tiny houses are all the rage), or if you’ve got your first home and need to make the most of it, you’ll love these good housekeeping tips for storing food in small spaces.

1. Vacuum Sealing Food

Vacuum Seal It | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

image via Pioneer Settler

Vacuum sealing your food will help store it without the bulk of bins, jars or boxes; it’s also a great way to make your food last longer. Learn how to vacuum seal here.

Or: Dehydrate Food

Dehydrate It | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

image via Pioneer Settler

Need garlic, mushrooms or other veggies for your recipes? Similar to vaccuum sealing, dehydrating your food will save space and help your food last longer! Learn how to dehydrate it here.

Looking for dehydrated food recipes? You’ll love these.

2. Food Canning

Can Your Food To Conserve Space | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

Canning has always been one of my favorite method of preserving food, all you’ll need is 13 steps to complete the process.

Canning allows food to last for months, even years. Store your cans in harder to reach places like the back of the cabinet or underneath the house. You won’t have to worry about food spoiling, and you can go get it when you do end up needing it.

3. Store your utensils diagonally by size

Maximize kitchen drawer space by storing sideways. | 12 kitchen storage hacks on PioneerSettler.com

To keep the drawers more organized you can put up dividers and sotre them diagonally by size. This helps you stay organized and find the tools you need, while making the most of every inch and corner in your kitchen.

Click to watch:

How To Maximize Kitchen Drawer SpaceSee full written instructions here: http://bzfd.it/1pUTvQD
Posted by Nifty on Monday, March 28, 2016

4. Hidden Food Cabinet Storage

Hidden Food Storage | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

image via Home Talk

This thin little cabinet is a dream come true for small homes! It pulls out of the wall and is only 6 inches wide. A great addition to a home that has extra room next to their fridge, or other wider appliances. Here’s how to build it.

5. Under Bed Storage

Ingenious Food Storage Idea | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

image via Prepared Housewives

There is no wrong place to hide food when you have a small house. If you have any space under the bed you better be using it!

6. Personalized Kitchen Storage

Kitchen Food Storage | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

image via The Lovely Drawer

Add a little personal touch to your condiment storage. Having items that aren’t just practical but also convenient are what make your house a home.

7. Cabinet Door Food Storage

Metal Cabinet Spice Jars | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

image via Becoming More Domestic

Add more spice to your life by tweaking your cabinet door into a little extra storage. All you need is a metal panel, magnets, and metal spice jars. See the full tutorial here.

8. Rotating Canned Food System

Want to stock canned goods? Here’s a great way to have a whole system in place.

9. Food Dispenser

Food Dispenser | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

image source

This is not only cool to look at, but incredibly helpful as well!

10. Under the Stairs Storage

Make the most of your under stairs storage | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

image via The Kitchn

If you’re lucky enough to have a staircase in your small home, maximizing the space underneath it is always good idea.

11. Mason Jar Organizer

Mason Jar Organizer | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

image via Post Road Vintage

Mason jars are perfect for almost anything. Try this organization hack and make use of the space under your cabinets. Check it out here.

12. Food Storage Furniture

Hidden Homemade Food Storage | 12 Food Storage Ideas for Small Homes

image via My Food Storage Cookbook

Is it furniture or your food storage? Hit two birds with one stone with this DIY. You can line up your storage items and put a nice decorative fabric over them so it’s easier on the eyes. It might not be the most aesthetic, but it sure is practical, and sometimes that’s all that matters when it comes down to survival and having enough food to last on the homestead through winter. What do you think?

Want more storage ideas? Get more here from Grig Stamate:

Which food storage idea will you try in your home? Are we missing any? Let us know below in the comments!


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