11 Common Prepper Mistakes

In the prepper community, we all have different ideas on how to get ready for “the big one.” We've learned to focus not so much on how and when it will take place, but on being ready to do what's necessary to survive no matter what happens. The main question in our minds is, are we ready?

Prepper Mistakes That Every Survivalist Should Avoid

Every prepper has his or her own survival philosophy, and that's okay. When SHTF, having people with different outlooks and talents can be tremendously helpful. But no matter what, there are things that every prepper should know not to do. Some of these mistakes are obvious, but others might come as a surprise. These survival pitfalls can be life-threatening, so it's important to take the time now to learn what they are and how to avoid them. Read on to learn more.

Prepper Mistake #1: Focusing On One Potential Disaster

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We should consider preparing for any or all disasters to improve our chances of survival. Via Armageddononline

It is acceptable to focus on and prepare for a volcanic eruption, nuclear, chemical or biological attack, or even a 10.0 magnitude earthquake. You cannot spend all of your limited resources on one endeavor. You must be prepared for every possibility.

Prepper Mistake #2: Focusing On Supplies Instead Of Skills.

prepper, prepper supplies, prepper skills, survival, skills, supplies
Survival skills are often more important than supplies. Via thebusybhomemaker.com

What if by any circumstance you lose all your survival food, water storage and gear to an explosion, earthquake or some other disastrous event? Would you still have the skills to survive, or are you completely dependent on your food and gear?

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Prepper Mistake #3: Lack of Knowledge

prepper, prepper knowledge, survival skills, prepared, how to survive
Being prepared for the unexpected is the definition of a prepper. Courtesy of uscrow.org

When a disaster occurs, most of those caught in it are totally unprepared or have very little survival skills to get them through. Knowing basic survival skills such as building a shelter, signaling for help, foraging for food, building a fire, and finding drinkable water are vital skills to have.

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Prepper Mistake #4: Poor Route Selection

orienteering, navigation, navigation skills, maps, prepper, GPS
A prepper must develop navigation or orienteering skills to avoid getting lost. Thanks to Geek Prepper

Choosing a poor route as you move through the wilderness is a recipe for disaster. Outdoorsmen of little experience or poor judgment will sometimes opt for a shorter route between two points, even if it poses a greater risk than would be faced if a longer route were chosen.

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Prepper Mistake #5: “If You’re Lost For Any Length Of Time, You’ve Got To Find Food Immediately.”

food, water, prepper, survivalist, survival plan
Preppers often think that food is the first priority in a survival situation. Image courtesy of Yahoo Australia

Always remember the rule of 3's: you can survive 3 mins without air; 3 hours without shelter; 3 days without water & 3 weeks without food. Eating food without water will cause you to dehydrate faster, so focus on getting water before food.

Prepper Mistake #6: Building An Arsenal

guns, ammunition, ammo, prepper, defense, SHTF
Weapons are important for every prepper but so are other supplies. Via theprepperjournal.com

It may be true that we need to protect what we have stored from would be attackers by building up an arsenal. But putting all your eggs in one basket can cause you to forget the other essentials such as food and water supplies.

Prepper Mistake #7: Look After No:1 – That Means YOU!

health, fitness, prepper, preparedness, survival health
To be ready for anything, preppers must stay strong and fit. Via The Prepper Journal

Put yourself at the top of the list of important things! If you can’t function with all your prepping skills and knowledge then how will anyone else? Remember the simple things – if you wear glasses, then ensure you have several spare pairs available. If you need any form of medication to help you keep going each day, then ensure you have lots. I would say at least six months supply of essential medication is your bare minimum.

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Prepper Mistake #8: Preparing For A Specific Date

TEOTWAWKI, EOTW, prepper, prepping, SHTF
No one, including preppers, knows when the EOTW is. Via National Geographic

Don't make the mistake of believing there won't be any more life-changing events after the date you prepared for. Natural disasters such as earthquakes, wildfires, floods, winter storms, tornadoes occur on a yearly basis and the supplies you keep should be able to help you through any disaster.

Prepper Mistake #9: Staying In Your Comfort Zone

end of the world, prepper, prepper mistakes, daily life, prepared
Preppers should avoid becoming too complacent. Courtesy: Survivalbased

When things go smoothly, there's always a probability that we will stick to that daily routine and can be caught off guard when disaster strikes. I'm not saying we shouldn't enjoy our lives but becoming too relaxed might come back to bite us!

Prepper Mistake #10: Ignoring A Life Beyond Prepping

prepper, prepper living, family, happiness, well-being
Preppers must also stop and smell the roses. Via offthegridnews.com

This may be the the hardest challenge in a prepper's life. As weeks turn to years, getting you and your family prepared when the SHTF becomes a norm, dislodging you from your normal way of life. Prepping shouldn't take you away from the life you had before you started prepping.

Prepper Mistake #11: Most Importantly, Don’t Panic

prepper, survival skill, focus, common sense, rationality
In order to survive a tough situation, a prepper must stay focused and rational. Via prepforshtf.com

Easier said than done, especially when you find yourself in a life or death situation, but heightened stress drains vital energy and only hurts rather than helps. Calm yourself down, stop what you’re doing, take some deep breaths, and assess the scenario. This will give you a clear mind and help you know what to do.

SNO Multimedia shows us a video of the 7 worst rookie prepper mistakes and how to avoid them:

Make the best of what you have and don't let it disrupt your day-to-day lief. Remember, you have a life beyond prepping and so do your loved ones. Happy prepping!

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