10 Tips for Apartment Preppers

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I’m gonna be honest: An apartment is not a great place to be when disaster strikes. Not that you can’t be a prepper while living in an apartment. You certainly can. In fact, I lived in an apartment for several years after getting into the prepper lifestyle.

But the fact is, apartments are filled with lots of people and usually located in areas with a high population density. If you’re forced to bug in, an apartment can be difficult to defend. It’s hard to collect rainwater and other supplies. It’s hard to deal with waste if the sewers are backed up. And there’s not a lot of space for food and water storage.

Now that all you apartment preppers are feeling depressed, I have some good news. You can still get through an SHTF event as an apartment dweller, but there are some things you need to know.

That is the topic of this video by Reality Survival. He shares ten tips for apartment preppers. If you live in an apartment, you need to see this. Here are his tips:

1. The closer you are to the city, the higher your need to bug out.

2. Stockpile freeze-dried and dehydrated food because it takes up less space.

3. Consider over-penetration when choosing a firearm. You don’t want to hurt your neighbors.

4. Know where your water heater is so you can use it for drinking if necessary.

5. Consider getting a waterBOB (plastic liner for bathtub for water storage).

6. Get a larger than average medical kit. There may be lots of people to help.

7. If you can get an additional storage area or garage with your apartment, do so.

8. Consider doing bucket gardening. Being able to supplement your food storage with fresh herbs and/or veggies is a good idea.

9. Get creative with storage. Under your bed is good, but there are many other locations you may not have thought of.

10. Try to identify a place to mount antennas for communications.

To hear him talk about these tips in detail and hear some more helpful advice, watch the video below.

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