10 Things You’ll Miss When The Grid Goes Down

Sometimes I’m amazed at how spoiled modern Americans are. And to be honest, I have to include myself. Every day I get to take a warm shower, live in an air-conditioned home, drink fresh water, eat delicious food, watch entertaining shows, and sleep in a comfy bed. I try to remind myself just how lucky I am, but sometimes I go days without thinking about it.

Unfortunately, most people never think about how lucky they are. They don’t think about the fact that for the vast majority of human history, there was no fast food, electricity, indoor plumbing, air conditioning, or entertainment on demand.

They take it all for granted. And because of this, they’ll be that much more miserable when the grid goes down. Not only will they be unprepared physically (food storage, water purification, etc), they will be unprepared psychologically. Even if they get enough of the basics to survive, some people will literally go insane.

In this video, Canadian Prepper talks about the top 10 things people will miss when the grid goes down. Here’s his list:

10. Baths / Showers
9. Makeup
8. Communication
7. Internet
6. Toilet Paper
5. Lighting
4. Medicine
3. Caffeine
2. Food
1. Running Water

In the video below, he goes into detail about how people will react when these things are gone. It’s interesting to think about what life will be like for the average person after the SHTF, and it just motivates me to get even more prepared. Watch it below:

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