10 Things To Do Before The ‘Everything Bubble’ Pops

First, there was the dot-com bubble, crash, and recession. Then, there was the housing bubble, crash, and Great Recession. Now, there’s a new bubble that many people are calling the ‘everything bubble.’ Just how bad will the crash from this one be? And will it result in a mere recession, or will it be the next Great Depression?

No one knows for sure, but there are many warning signs that the next crash is almost here. That means there is very little time left for procrastination. If you want to be ready for the next major downturn, there are some things you need to take care of ASAP.

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In this video, Serious Survivor lists 10 things you should do before an economic collapse. Here’s his list, counting down:

10. Get your cash out of the bank.
9. Gather important documents.
8. Formulate a plan.
7. Get fuel and a bug-out vehicle.
6. Build a bug out bag.
5. Get lighting and solar devices.
4. Build your food supply.
3. Store water and purification devices.
2. Gather medical supplies.
1. Get some self-defense weapons.

Of course, the video itself is FAR more detailed. He explains how to do each of these ten things, so be sure to check it out below:

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