10 Things Every New Prepper Should Do Right Away

10 Things Every New Prepper Should Do Right Away
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10 Things Every New Prepper Should Do Right Away
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Every single year, there are hundreds of thousands of brand new preppers getting onto the Internet and trying to figure out how to get ready for SHTF. That’s why occasionally I still make posts like this one–because I know a lot of you are newbies and you’re looking for guidance.

Recently, I discovered a relatively new Youtube channel called Bear Independent. This channel is interesting because it’s run by people who don’t prep as a hobby but actually live an off-grid lifestyle–and love it!

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In this video, Bear tells new preppers exactly what they should do. This list is amazing because it perfectly outlines everything there is to preparing for the end of the world. Obviously, each list item is incredibly complicated when you get into it, but this is a great overview worth checking out.

Now keep in mind, for most people, many of these things can’t be done “right away.” For example, getting out of debt or buying a year’s supply of food will take time. The point is, you should at least start working toward these goals right away. Here’s his list:

1. Get Out Of Debt – Interest is a huge waste of money that could be spent on supplies.
2. Develop A Side Hustle – People who work 10 more hours a week earn 40% more money.
3. Buy A Year’s Worth Of Food – You’ll about 750 pounds of food per person per day.
4. Get Your Bug Out Plan Figured Out – Find a bug out location then make a bug out bag.
5. Plant A Garden – Don’t wait until the disaster strikes to plant your survival seeds.
6. Get a Trauma Kit – Add extra supplies to it and take a class learning how to use it.
7. Form A Team – It will be hard, but search for and spend time with people you can count on.
8. Get More Training – Learn about firearms, ham radio, permaculture, search and rescue, etc.
9. Buy Tactical Gear – Get guns, knives, gear, learn to use them, and practice using them.
10. Buy A Piece Of Land – By yourself or with others, and learn how to homestead.

I highly recommend watching the video below for a more detailed discussion of these list items along with additional tips for new preppers.

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