10 of the Coolest Custom VW Campervans Ever Built

Every adventurer dreams of having their own vehicle that can transport them in any corner of the world. But more specifically, quite a lot of them wish to have their own VW camper as it’s the symbol of freedom and comfortable traveling. In the following are features 10 of the coolest custom VW campers ever built and are here to give you some inspiration for your future DIY projects. Many people prefer to leave the camper in its original vintage state and add just a few finishing touches to it, but some wish to transform it entirely in order to look more modern. So if you too have a vintage VW camper that needs to be refurbished, transformed or just repainted, you should definitely check the ideas from these links.







#4 Classic VW Campervan

Coolest-Custom-VW-Campervans-4more details here…

#5 VW Verdier’s Concept: Stylish Solar-Powered Eco Camper

Coolest-Custom-VW-Campervans-5more details here…

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