10 Home Design Ideas Inspired by Colored Pencils

Do you prefer colorful decorations in your home? Then there is a really cool and cheap method of creating a colorful living environment, namely colored pencils. You surely remember these long forgotten items from your childhood and maybe you can even find some remains in a drawer. The creative projects you can make with colored pencils are so varied, that you will most definitely find one that suits your taste. To give you an example, you can make a beautiful vase out of a tin can and some colored pencils and your room will instantly be much brighter. To create a happy wall art for your child’s room, you can use the pencils to make a fun wall monogram. Don’t forget to visit the link below for more tips and tricks and tell us which one is your favorite!

1.A Pencil Wall can be a clever choice for your Kid’s Room


2. How to Turn Old Pencils into New Desk Accessories

Home-Design-Ideas-Inspired-by-Colored-Pencils-2more details here…

3. DIY Colored Pencil Monogram

Home-Design-Ideas-Inspired-by-Colored-Pencils-3more details here…

4. Colored Pencil Rugs


5. Colourful playground fencing with vertical coloured pencils.



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