You’re A Pepper. Your Family’s Not. What Should You Do?

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Again, just stick to realistic data about natural disasters, unemployment, soaring food prices and the closure of stores. They’ll get your drift.

5. Understand the diversity of people’s backgrounds and opinions – and be patient. Most people have not gone through any life-threatening crisis, so they’ll have a hard time relating to your concern. A great majority of the populace are too busy, distracted or simply too stressed from the regular demands of daily life. So, the concept of societal collapse may not only be foreign to them, but also a bit too far-fetched.

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6. Pitch it on grounds of pragmatism and concern, not fear and paranoia. Tell loved ones you want them to prep out of genuine concern for their welfare, not just because hundreds of families are doing it on Doomsday Preppers. Pitch it as a smart, practical thing to do to provide for one’s family in cases of emergency. It’s not very different from taking out a health, accident or life insurance policy.

7. Go easy with the gals. Most women don’t take to guns and ammo as quickly as men do. There’s certainly a place and a time for learning to shoot and stockpiling weapons, but don’t let it be the start of a prepping discussion with the ladies. A better area to start on would be food security, such as gardening and food storage.

8. Wait. Once you’ve delivered your message, let it sink in. People take time to process surprising new concepts, and a doomsday situation is certainly a big one for them. Let them chew on it first, hoping they’ll come around to the wisdom of prepping, in due time. But give them leeway to approach the subject at their own pace.

9. Lead by example. When people see how serious you are in prepping, they just might see the value in it, too, on their own. Be the example of preparedness that they need. Once you’ve finished trying to convince them, you’ve done your part. People have the freedom to agree with you or not, anyway. If and when things do start to unravel, then you’d be in a great position to help them. Lastly, don’t give in to the temptation to say “I told you so.” That’s the last thing people want to hear when they’re suffering.

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