They’re So Desperate They’re Stealing & Killing ZOO ANIMALS For Food Vietnamese pigs and sheep have also been stolen from the facility. The animals are being taken because Venezuela is suffering from serious food shortages created by socialist policies and also because of a major drop in oil prices.

Store shelves are often empty and prices are astronomical. A dozen eggs can cost up to $208 on the black market in Caracas, Off The Grid News recently reported. Many Venezuelans have not eaten meat in months.

In fact, many of the animals are starving because there is no food for them, either.

“We have animals that have not eaten for up to 15 days, which affects their health,” Marlene Sifontes, a union leader at the zoo, told Fusion.

To make matters worse, the zoo employees lack the equipment they need to protect the animals.

“They don’t even have flashlights,” Sifontes said of zookeepers. “When workers hear something at night, they head into the dark at their own risk.”

As Off The Grid News reported earlier this summer, hungry loyola university of chicago application essay also have killed dogs and cats on the streets for food.

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