The Man Who’s Been Right 6 Of 7 Years Just Predicted A ‘Colder-Than-Normal’ Winter

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Cohen theorizes that an October that features heavy snow in Eurasia is a predictor of a rough winter for the Eastern U.S., The Washington Post reported. Other forecasters look to temperatures in the Pacific Ocean for long-term winter forecasts.

“I would say that the predictors that we follow are strongly indicating a colder-than-normal winter,”, of the Atmospheric and Environmental Research, wrote in an email to The Post.

This year the “advance of snow cover in Eurasia (south of 60 degrees north latitude) was the fastest on record going back to 1998” – an indicator of a brutal snow in the Eastern U.S., he said. The snow coverage was the fourth highest on record.

“I think the most impressive cold will be across Eurasia,” Cohens aid. “But here in the U.S., extensive Eurasian snow cover favors colder-than-normal temperatures in the Eastern U.S. more than it does in the Western U.S.”

The meteorological community remains skeptical to Cohen’s forecast, but he says his forecasting for the U.S. has been correct in six of the past seven years.

“That is an impressive track record for climate prediction,” he said. “But I am happy for the community to be skeptical of our ideas and create a void that I am willing to fill.”

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