Surprise! Gun Sales Are Booming Again (And No One Knows Why)

atticus finch analytical essay purchases increased by 6.5 percent in May, FBI data indicates.

Background checks are a good predictor of the number of gun sales, the Philadelphia Inquirer reported.

The surge in gun sales defies past trends. Historically, weapons sales have increased when a Democrat wins the presidency, and dropped when a Republican is elected. Yet the number of firearms applications started increasing in April and grew again in May, according to FBI statistics.

Why Are Gun Sales Increasing?

Analysts have different theories of why gun sales are up. Some say it is a combination of people on the Left buying guns – out of a fear of the Trump administration – and people on the Right simply enjoying their freedom. Or perhaps it’s in reaction to events within the world and U.S., with terrorism and mass shootings taking place every week. A in Florida recently encouraged citizens to begin carrying guns. State action also might be to blame. Strict new phd proposal writing service have been enacted in a number of states, including California.

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