Man Charged For Driving Under Influence … Of Caffeine

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Schwab’s troubles began on Aug. 5, 2015, when an agent from California’s Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, not a police officer, pulled him over. The agent alleged Schwab had cut her off and was driving erratically. She also said his pupils were dilated. A breathalyzer test for alcohol showed a level of 0.00 percent.

After he was arrested, Schwab’s blood was drawn and sent to a laboratory, which came back negative for illegal drugs. It then was sent to a lab in Pennsylvania for testing. The only substance that lab was able to detect in Schwab’s blood was

Eventually, the district attorney dropped the DUI charge – although the office said the reckless driving charge would remain.

“After further consideration, without a confirmatory test of the specific drug in the defendant’s system that impaired his ability to drive, we do not believe we can beyond a reasonable doubt,” District Attorney Krishna Abrams said in a late December news release.

Abrams maintains that Schwab had something in his system – even though two lab tests detected nothing

“Do we wish that it could test for more drugs?” Abrams said. “Absolutely, because then we would know what was in his system.”

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