Luxurious Single Level Tiny House

A tiny home that costs $ 74,000 may sound exaggerated. But it’s not the case of this next 200 sq. ft. house. And the main reason is that all of it is made by a designer! Also, the house is not your usual dwelling, but a luxury designer home. Take the virtual tour and see for yourself that is worth all the money it is advertised for. Even though the space is restricted, it has a master bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bath. There is alligator skin wallpaper, a walk-in shower and –believe it or not– a surround sound theater system. The manufacturers of this tiny piece of architectural and design jewel used cedar wood with weathered blue stain custom finish in order to give it a sturdy and not that fresh look. Dubbed `Earth and Sky Palace`, you can easily understand why it has this name when you actually see it. Make sure you browse through all of the pictures.

The luxurious tiny abode offers a master bedroom, dining room, kitchen and bath with ‘replica embossed alligator-skin wallpaper’, according to Tiny House Listings.

There’s also enough room in the home for a walk-around queen bed that converts into two lounge chairs. Pictured is the designer tiny home’s bathroom

Not to mention, the designer home was built with cedar that has a ‘weathered, blue stain custom finish’

Good things come in small packages: Designer tiny house hits the market for $74K and features alligator skin wallpaper, a walk-in shower and luxury kitchen

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