How To Paint A Vintage Camper She shows us how to paint a to have an awesome looks. Do you have an old camper that needs to be restored to its old charm? Then you can easily do this by yourself and with the help of some useful tips and tricks from the following link. To repaint your vintage camper, you can use a good quality acrylic paint from Sherwin-Williams. First of all, in order for the coat of paint to look good and professional, you will have to buff of all the old paint to get a clean surface. After that you need to clean remove the rust from the bolts and windows, and wash the entire camper. Then all you have to do is think about the colors and pattern you want to apply and start painting. For more details, check the link below as there is a very helpful step by step tutorial with great tips and tricks.

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You can get the full tutorial here…

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