How To Build A Bamboo House In The Wild | Survival Life Shelter

If you’re in a pinch and happen to be in a tropical area, build a bamboo house as a survival shelter! Read this post and get some ideas on how to build a bamboo shelter in the tropical wild.

Building A Bamboo House As A Survival Shelter

Sturdy and columnar, bamboos are great materials to build a survival shelter. If you have and a, you can make a fairly decent shelter from bamboos. Plus, you don’t need nails to join them together, which is quite convenient. In this post are a few tips on how to build a four-walled bamboo house in the wild.

Find a good spot

Find a good spot | How To Build A Bamboo House In The Wild | Survival Life Shelter
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Set out into the wild and find a good spot where you can build a shelter. Make sure this place is close to a potable water source. But, bear in mind the ground has to be firm, even, and dry. The flatter the surface, the easier the construction. It has to be dry as well to keep the bamboo in a good state longer. And, since you’re making a bamboo house, you might as well choose a spot near a bamboo forest.

Prepare the materials

Prepare the materials | How To Build A Bamboo House In The Wild | Survival Life Shelter

To build a bamboo house, you need the basic construction tools. If you don’t have them in your survival gear and toolbox, well, you’ll have to improvise. Just make sure you have something to cut bamboo with. Now, when it comes to choosing bamboo, make sure you get the ones which are sturdy and mature. A bamboo is normally treated to last longer but if you don’t have time to do this, simply work with what you have.

Decide on the design

Your bamboo house does not need to be big or have a complicated design. A simple 10 by 8 feet shack is enough to house a single person, with a bit of space left for storage. Traditional bamboo houses in Asia are often raised from the ground. If you want to follow this design, decide on how high you want your house to be.

Build the foundation

Build the foundation | How To Build A Bamboo House In The Wild | Survival Life Shelter
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Choose four of the largest and sturdiest bamboo poles. These will be the four corners of your bamboo house. Dig holes, about a feet or so, on where these columns will be. They have to be large enough to hold the bamboo columns. Before inserting the bamboo columns into the holes, make sure you cover the tips with plastic. Also, line the hole with dry stones. It is key to make sure the bamboo column does not get exposed to moisture when placed on the ground.

Create the wall frame in grids

Create the wall frame in grids | How To Build A Bamboo House In The Wild | Survival Life Shelter
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Now that the four corners are set, you can now create the wall frame. Fill the gap between the four corners with columns (repeat the previous process), using slimmer bamboo poles. Each column should at least be a meter apart. After the columns are set, proceed to construct the top plate or upper wall plate.

Cover the walls

Cover the walls | How To Build A Bamboo House In The Wild | Survival Life Shelter
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Choose thin bamboo poles, preferably much lighter than the columns, and nail them horizontally to the columns. The rows should at least be a meter or more apart. Leave out the space where the door and windows are meant to be. After this, seal the grids with woven bamboo or bamboo splits.

Construct the roof

Construct the roof | How To Build A Bamboo House In The Wild | Survival Life Shelter
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The supporting structure of the roof does not have to be complicated. A basic truss and an ordinary gable roof will do for a simple survival shelter. After the roof frame is done, add the outer layer of the roof. Depending on the materials available, the outer layer of the roof can be made from thatch, tree barks, slate, sheet metal, tarp, etc.

Add the floor, doors, and windows

Add the floor, doors, and windows | How To Build A Bamboo House In The Wild | Survival Life Shelter
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Finish your bamboo house by adding the floor, doors, and windows. These can be made from bamboo as well. Again, as it is a simple survival shelter, there is no need to go crazy with the design. As for the floor, you can use bamboo poles or split bamboo.

Watch this video by Prashant Lingam to learn more about bamboo houses:

A bamboo house is just one of the many types of survival shelters you can build. But, practice making one in your backyard anyway. A simple DIY project, for example, a tiny shed, would surely enhance your skills in handling bamboos. You’ll never know when they would come in handy.

Do you have any other ideas on how to make a bamboo house? Please add them in the comments below!

Enhance your skills by learning how to build a shelter using natural resources!

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