He Was Fired Because He Was Homeschooled



The employer stated that the man “must receive a GED to have a true graduation.”

Fortunately, the man got his job back after HSDLA attorney Dan Beasley contacted the company and told them they had violated Section 16-11.4 of the Code of Alabama, which bans discrimination against homeschooled people and says homeschooling is a legitimate form of education.

“I wanted to send you a message and say thank you for all of your help,” the man’s mother told the HSDLA. “Jacob got a call asking him to come back to his job . . . This is a blessing, and we owe it all to your professionalism and persistence. Thank you again.”

Said HSLDA, “While this story has a happy ending, there are still many homeschool graduates in Alabama and across the country who are being discriminated against. For example, a statute mandating that candidates for jobs as peace officers hold diplomas from accredited or approved high schools means homeschool graduates who wish to serve as peace officers in Alabama must take the GED.”

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