Easy, No Sew Kitchen Scrubbies from Produce Bags


So many types of produce come in mesh bags – from onion sets to citrus fruits. I hate to just throw them out, and I can only reuse so many for storage, so I decided to upcycle some of the produce bags into easy, no sew kitchen scrubbies. If you have more than you can use yourself, they also make a nice addition to a http://www.cdlvalencia.org/. I found that four mesh bags from oranges made a firm scrubbie that fits well in my hand.

How to Make Kitchen Scrubbies from Produce Bags

Step #1 – Collect Your Produce Bags

Ideally, you'll want to use bags that were opened from the end so they are easier to work with, but I used the ones that had holes in them as filling and the bag that had a small hole at one end for the outside. I used four bags of the same size that had previously held oranges.

Step #2 – Cut off the Ends of the Produce Bags

Neatly trim off the ends of the produce bags and any dangling threads.

Step #3 – Roll up 3 of the Produce Bags Like Donuts

Set aside the bag that's in the best condition for the outside of the scrubbie, and roll up the other three bags like donuts.

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Step #4 – Knot the End of the Exterior Bag and Fill the Bag with the Other Three Bags

Knot the end of the reserved bag, then invert the bag so the knot is tucked inside.


Fill the bag with the other three rolled up bags. Fold the raw end of the exterior bag down to tuck in loose ends.


Step #5 – Knot the Exterior Bag Again the Complete the Kitchen Scrubbie

Squeeze the filling bags down tight and knot the loose end of the exterior bag to secure and finish the scrubbie. When you use the scrubbie, hold it with the knot facing the palm of your hand to help keep it secure. Alternatively, you could overlap the end neatly and stitch them down with dental floss, but a knot is quick and easy.

Mesh produce bag kitchen scrubbies

And that's all there is to it! In just a few minutes you can give new life to something that most people would just toss in the trash and create a handy homemade scrubbie for your kitchen or bath.

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Don't toss those mesh produce bags! Upcycle the bags into free, easy to make, no sew kitchen scrubbies in a few simple steps.

Originally posted in 2014, updated in 2017.

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