Desert Survival | How To Make A Shelter That Can Take The Heat

Did you know that 33% of all land on earth is covered by desert? Knowing a few desert survival tips could be the difference between life and death. The tips below are crucial knowledge for your desert survival tactics.

Desert Survival | Building A Shelter to Withstand Heat

In building a desert shelter you have to put the terrain itself to good use which means you’ll be using the sand as your main material for the shelter. If you can’t find shade, you have to build one yourself and by reading this article you will learn one important desert survival hack– building a shelter amidst the hot desert. Like other outdoor shelters, a desert shelter takes time to build, so before you exhaust yourself in the heat, consider building one early in the morning, before the sun gets too high.

Finding the Perfect Spot

Finding the Perfect Spot | Desert Survival | How To Make A Shelter In The Hot Desert
Image via Wilderness Arena

Firstly, you have to look for a place where you can build your shelter. Ideally, somewhere you could build a trench such as a dune with rocks. The rocks will come in very handy later on, so it’s wise to keep them around.

Dig, dig, dig

Dig, dig, dig | Desert Survival | How To Make A Shelter In The Hot Desert
Image via The Elements Unearthed

Once you’ve found a place, you can start digging a trench. Dig for about one and a half to two feet deep. Make sure it’s wide and long enough for you to comfortably lie in.

Sand to Mound

Sand to Mound | Desert Survival | How To Make A Shelter In The Hot Desert
Image via Galactic Stone & Ironworks

In this step, you’ll be using the sand you dug out to make the trench. Have the sands piled up to form a mound on the sides of the trench. Ensure one side of the trench doesn’t have a sand mound on it as it will serve as your entrance.

Covering the Trench

Covering the Trench | Desert Survival | How To Make A Shelter In The Hot Desert
Image via Indian Country Today

A cloth wide enough or a tarp will do the trick in covering your trench, so it would be beneficial if you bring one with you in your survival kit. Secure the cover using some weights like the rocks around you. This will prevent the wind from blowing the cover off.

Stuck in the desert with no food to eat? Watch this video for a desert survival food:

The desert can be a dangerous place so it is crucial to know some desert survival skills. Learn to be flexible and use your creativity when needed. It is best if you can find a way to improvise regarding the materials you need in making a shelter.

Do you have any desert survival tips? Have you tried building a desert shelter? Share your adventures in the comments section below!

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