9 Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree This Year

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Looking for natural ways to decorate a tree? If you want to know how to decorate a Christmas tree without wasting money and resources on store-bought man-made products, then you’ll love these natural ideas! These wonderful ideas will help you give your tree the natural beauty it deserves amidst all the chaos of your holiday decorating.

Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree For A Merrier Holiday

I got our tree up in our living room and what’s the next thing to do? Start decorating of course! For years now I’ve been using my Christmas ornaments and I’m starting to think that maybe our Christmas tree needs a little updo. So since I’m feeling a bit more nature-friendly this year, I’m thinking of going natural with my tree decorations. If you also want to go au naturel, then give these decorations a try!

1. Make A Popcorn Garland

Make A Popcorn Garland | Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree This Year

image via pioneer settler

String your own popcorn garland together with needle thread, popped corn, and cranberries. It’s a very easy holiday craft to give your tree a traditional festivity.

2. Use Christmas Tree Sprigs

Use Christmas Tree Sprigs | Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree This Year

image via martha stewart

If you’ve got some pine tree sprigs lying around, like me, there’s plenty of craft you do with it to make your Christmas have the yuletide spirit.

3. Make Some Natural Christmas Garlands

Make Some Natural Christmas Garlands | Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree This Year

image credits in pioneer settler article

Why just try one Christmas garland when you can take your pick on 12? These 12 natural Christmas garlands will help you ensure having the merriest Christmas tree ever without breaking your bank.

4. Painted Pine Cone Trees

Painted Pine Cone Trees | Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree This Year

image via Momtastic DIY

Paint pine cones and turn them into cute little trees to give your holiday decorating some spin on the family fun craft, even the young ones can cooperate. Pine cones come in all shapes and sizes, imagine the possibilities of having an unlimited fun crafting.

5. Easy Salt Dough Ornaments

Easy Salt Dough Ornaments | Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree This Year

image via mitzy at home

Want to do a little baking? Heat up your oven and start making these easy DIY salt dough ornaments any shape to fill your heart’s desire. I remember doing this craft with my kids when they were little, now is the perfect time to bring back all the good memories but this time around my little helpers are my grandkids.

6. Salt Dough Stamped Ornaments

Salt Dough Stamped Ornaments | Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree This Year

image via learning, creating, living

If you don’t want your salt dough ornament plain, then try it with some stamp. These salt dough stamped ornaments will ensure an amazing boost for your holiday decorating perfect for the Christmas festivities.

7. Bird Seed Christmas Ornaments

Bird Seed Christmas Ornaments | Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree This Year

image via knuckle salad

Shape your bird seeds into cute little ornaments. Hang them on your tree or on your outside trees to help the birds celebrate a little too. I’m sure, if you to this, you’ll receive happy chirping from your feathery friends.

8. DIY Rustic Star Tree Topper

DIY Rustic Star Tree Topper | Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree This Year

image via sheffiel.blogspot

This adorable DIY rustic star tree topper is made out of twigs. Wow! Can you believe that? The natural beauty in this tree topper surely shines the brightest in my Christmas decor. I’m staring at mine right now!

9. DIY Rustic Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

DIY Rustic Cinnamon Stick Ornaments | Natural Ways To Decorate A Tree This Year

image via consider the peel

Grab some cinnamon sticks and start making this rustic ornament. These DIY rustic cinnamon stick ornaments will give you beautiful rustic decoration and cinnamon fragrance, I believe everybody loves. So if you are going for a rustic theme this year, then this is perfect for you.

Want to try something else from things you can find in the garden? Check out this video tutorial from Dobbies Garden Centres:

You don’t have to stick with the store-bought plastic Christmas tree decor. Give your tree some natural beauty, I’m sure everyone will love it! Remember, this is your Christmas celebration with your family. You can start a new tradition and make your own Christmas tree decor out from natural objects.

If you can’t get enough of holiday decorations, I got here 30 breathtakingly rustic homemade Christmas decorations for you to feast on!

What do you think of these natural tree decoration ideas? Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

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