7 Crazy Ways To Use Tree Bark For Survival

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Pine bark is also used by northern Scandinavian people for food, and rather than being relegated to a famine food, there is historical evidence that rich, well-off families collected the largest amounts of the nutrient rich inner bark. While it is also commonly ground into flour, it can be eaten fresh during harvest and has a mild sweetness and texture similar to coconut meat. As an added bonus, it contains plenty of vitamin C to help ward off scurvy during the wintertime.

3. Medicine

While the medicinal properties of willow bark, the native source of Tylenol, are well-known, there are many other tree species that also have medicinal bark.

Witch hazel extract is an antibacterial wash made by cooking thin witch hazel branches on a slow simmer for many hours to extract the compounds in the wood and bark.

Beech bark tea is used to treat lung problems and was once used to treat illnesses as significant as tuberculosis. Even common apple tree bark has medicinal properties when used to treat fevers and diarrhea. For a more comprehensive list of medicinal tree bark, take a look at history essay writing service number.

4. Basketry

The inner bark of basswood, elm, hickory, willow, ash and maple trees all can be used to weave sturdy and long-lasting basketry. Strip off the outer bark, and then peel the inner bark into long flexible strips. Roll up the bark strips for storage until you’re ready to begin working, and then rehydrate them with warm water to make them more workable before beginning to weave your basket.

5. Fire-starting


Image source: Pixabay.com

Most devoted campers know that the outer bark from birch trees makes excellent fire-starting material. It peels easily from the trees without harming them and is full of flammable resin that ignites easily. Pine bark from dead pine trees also makes great tinder because of its flammable resin.

6. Cooking

Tree bark, especially from trees with flexible bark that comes off in large sheets, can be formed into cooking vessels and used to make just about any food you want. Well-moistened birch bark sheets can be used to create an impromptu wok for cooking over hot coals. Let the fire burn down to a thick layer of very hot coals, and then cover with ash to create a barrier. Place the well-moistened birch bark on top and cook your food on the clean hot surface.

Tree bark containers also were traditionally used for boiling maple sap into syrup, as well as storing the finished maple syrup for long periods of time (up to a year).

7. Bedding

In a survival situation, it’s essential to insulate yourself from the cold ground while sleeping to prevent hypothermia, even in relatively mild climates. Tree bark is an excellent insulator because it can be peeled in large sheets that can be flattened to create a smooth and comfortable surface. The corky nature of many species of bark also creates a natural insulation.

Do you know of other survival uses of tree bark? Share your tips in the section below:


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