4 Surprising & Beneficial Uses For Charcoal On The Homestead


The soap may not be the most appealing to the eye, but it will trap dirt and excess oil, leaving everything feeling cleaner. Even your teeth will benefit from exposure to charcoal. Brushing with a tooth-powder containing active carbon will reduce the yellow and brown staining commonly found on some teeth, as well as pulling impurities out of the enamel overall, creating healthier teeth.

Activated charcoal is more useful for cleaning than just being an additional ingredient in plain soap, though. Most water filters contain some form of charcoal, and a good water filter is necessary for any water system.

3. Compost amendment

Adding charcoal to your compost pile benefits your vegetable and flower gardens by allowing you to create your own homegrown time-release fertilizer. The charcoal releases nutrients adsorbed from the compost pile into the garden as it breaks down in the soil over time. It has been shown that this method of mixing charcoal into the compost pile or barrel before incorporating the compost into the garden elevates the pH levels and increases the number of beneficial microbes found in the soil. However, avoid putting charcoal directly into the garden.

4. Feed additive

Digestive issues suffered by your livestock can be gently treated with doses of activated charcoal. For some, charcoal is now a regular addition to all livestock feed as a part of preventive care. Adding powdered charcoal to the feed has been shown to increase productivity of milk for cows and goats, increase laying for poultry and even reduce the fly population in key livestock areas.

This article is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose or cure any particular health condition. Please consult with a qualified health professional first.

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