20 First Aid Supplies You Need for Survival

20 First Aid Supplies You Need for Survival
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20 First Aid Supplies You Need for Survival
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There are hundreds and hundreds of first aid items out there, which is why building a first aid kit can be so overwhelming. It helps to start by narrowing it down to the essentials, and then building on that.

If you could only choose 20 first aid supplies, which would they be? In this video, Serious Survivor makes some great suggestions.

Here is his list:

  1. Band Aids / Gauze Pads / Tape
  2. Liquid Bandage Adhesive Strips
  3. Suture Kit
  4. Israeli Compression Bandage or Quick Clot
  5. Splints / Bandages / Supports
  6. Tourniquet
  7. Antibiotic Cream & Medication / Antibiotics (Oral)
  8. Stomach Medication
  9. Allergy/Sting Medicine, Benadryl
  10. Pain Relievers
  11. Thermometer
  12. Iodine / Potassium Iodide / Radiation Meds
  13. Dental Repair / Pain Relief
  14. Antifungal Cream
  15. Sterile Gloves
  16. Alcohol / Antiseptic Pads
  17. Personal Medication
  18. Snakebite Kit
  19. Hot & Cold Compress
  20. First Aid Manual / Edible & Medicinal Plants Manual

It’s best to gather these items first, and then find a bag that is the right size for them. Watch the video below to learn the importance of each item, specific product recommendations, and how much of them to stockpile.

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