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17 Survival Uses for PVC Pipes

17 Survival Uses for PVC Pipes
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17 Survival Uses for PVC Pipes
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PVC is one of the most useful items you can have on hand, whether you’re a prepper or a homesteader or just someone with a house. PVC (short for polyvinyl chloride) is strong, durable, lightweight, and affordable. And it’s not just used for plumbing.

If you’re clever, you’ll be able to find lots of uses for PVC pipe. Sensible Prepper, a very clever guy, came up with 17 survival uses for it. Some of these might surprise you.

Here’s his list:

  1. Make a survival cache.
  2. Gather wood.
  3. Make a PVC bow.
  4. Make a quiver.
  5. Make a weapon.
  6. Make a stake.
  7. Make a canteen.
  8. Make an ice pack.
  9. Carry water.
  10. Make a fishing kit.
  11. Make a fishing pole.
  12. Make a periscope.
  13. Make a storage container.
  14. Make a clamp.
  15. Gather/carry things.
  16. Make a PVC target stand.
  17. Make a blowgun.

Watch the video below to see these uses demonstrated.

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