11 Crazy-But-Practical Uses For Wood Ash (Got Pets? Try No. 5)

essay daily routineWhile poultry will voluntarily dust bath in ash to remove parasites, your dog and cat will take some more convincing.

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Saving wood ash to dust into the fur of your pets throughout the year can be an effective way to control fleas and ticks. Just remember that your pets, especially cats, may not always be willing to cooperate.

6. Remove odors

Wood ash works much the same way that baking soda does to absorb ambient odors, and a small container in the refrigerator or root cellar can keep odors down if things spoil. It’s also a great way to remove skunk odor from yourself, your loved ones or your pets.

7. Deter vermin

Rats, mice, ants and roaches hate wood ash, and a sprinkling in the dark corners of your house and the back of your cupboard will help keep them out of those hard-to-reach places.

8. Compost nutrient boost

Adding wood ash to your compost heap can help increase the mineral nutrients to promote faster decomposition and a higher nutrient value at the end. It’s especially good at breaking down hard-to-compost items such as orange peels, corn cobs and banana peels. Place those items in a bed of wood ash to break down before adding them to your general compost heap. Be careful, as too much ash can change the pH balance and make your compost too alkaline, possibly ruining it. Use ash in your compost bins with caution.

9. Control algae

Small amounts of wood ash in ponds can control algae by giving regular pond plants a boost, just enough to outcompete the algae and keep the pond water clear. Keep in mind that you’ll only need a small amount. Most recommend 1 tablespoon per 1,000 gallons of water, and if you can’t accurately calculate your pond volume, use with caution and add small amounts, waiting for results.

10. Clean glass and silver

The small particles in wood ash make a great gentle abrasive that helps to clean silver dishes, silverware and jewelry, and is also used on a wet sponge to clean the glass on wood stove doors.

11. Control garden pests

Slugs and snails are deterred by wood ash because it contains non-sodium salts that can dehydrate and kill them. Dust around vulnerable plant beds in your garden to naturally keep them under control.

Do you know of other uses for wood ash? Share your ideas in the section below:


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