10 Good-Looking Folding Hunting Knives Every Hunter Should Appreciate

When it comes to hunting knives, portability and accessibility often come to mind. While considering weight and ease-of-access, the best options are folding hunting knives. Folding knives can easily fit in your pocket thus making it more convenient for you to get it in the event that you need it. Although, these knives don’t necessarily have to look monstrous as a matter of fact some of them are just downright classy. These knives are not only use to skin your catch but it can also be a form of protection. Other than that, they have a lot of usage such as opening boxes, cutting zip ties or if you’re feeling a bit like MacGyver, this can also be a make-shift screw driver.

Stop What You’re Doing And Appreciate These Folding Hunting Knives

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Hunters are probably more into knives that work without regard for its looks. However, why do you have to choose practicality over aesthetics when you can get both! If you’re up for some beautiful folding hunting knives, take a peek at our list and you might just fall in love at first sight! Not only will they serve their purpose, they’ll also do great as ornaments mounted on your walls.

DKC-37 Camel Bone

DKC-37 Camel Bone | 10 Good-Looking Folding Hunting Knives Every Hunter Should Appreciate
image via DKC Knives

This knife’s handle is intricately hand-engraved steel and white camel bone. In addition, the blade is Damascus steel which I think is probably the most beautiful type of steel there ever is.

Buck Knives Alpha Hunter S30V

Image via Pocket Knife Collectibles
Image via Pocket Knife Collectibles

Buck Knives is famous for producing top-notch hunting knives in the market. While gaining fame for the quality of their products, they’re also able to produce beautiful knives. The Alpha Hunter S30V has a beautiful rosewood handle while the glossy CPM-S30V steel finish blade accents it.

Buck Knives 110BRS Folding Hunter

Buck Knives 110BRS Folding Hunter | 10 Good-Looking Folding Hunting Knives Every Hunter Should Appreciate
image via slickguns

Another entry from Buck Knives is the very classic 110BRS Folding Hunter. First glance on this knife just fills you up with nostalgia. The brass pommel and bolster plus the wood grains takes you back to the 80’s!

Cold Steel Voyager XL Vaquero Plain Edge Knife

Cold Steel Voyager XL Vaquero Plain Edge Knife | 10 Good-Looking Folding Hunting Knives Every Hunter Should Appreciate
Image via Oso Grande Knife & Tool

If you’ve got some heavy chopping tasks, the XL Voyager Vaquero Plain Edge knife will do the job. Contrary to what it’s name says, the blade is beautifully contoured just like a cow’s horns! Hence, the name vaquero!

Boker Kwaiken Flipper

Boker Kwaiken Flipper | 10 Good-Looking Folding Hunting Knives Every Hunter Should Appreciate
image via cutleryshoppe

Simplicity is beauty. Nothing epitomizes this phrase better than the Boker Kwaiken Flipper. This German knife’s plain, sleek design is absolutely classy.

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