10 Creative Stockpiling Spaces Hidden In Your Home

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5. Inside a lamp. Be sure to buy a lamp with a hollow base. Remove the base and place food inside. If the lamp does not have a hollow base, you can sometimes manually hollow it.

6. Behind your headboard. The area between the wall and your bed can serve as a crafty hiding spot. Place buckets or boxes of food there and cover with a decorative blanket.

7. Inside the box spring. For those who don’t know, box springs are hollowed inside. You easily can fit multiple canned goods and bags of food without being noticed.

8. Under stair steps. To make it look organized and natural, you even can use an old dresser with several drawers.

9. At the bottom of potted plants. Make sure they are airtight. You don’t want dirt or water seeping into your food.

10. In a container buried in the backyard. This is for those who truly have run out of options. It requires a weatherproof container. One idea is to place sealed bags inside large buckets before burying them. Place a marker somewhere near so you don’t forget where they are.

Do you have any unique ideas for stockpiling food? Share your tips in the section below:


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